Stirrings of the Heart – Olivia Villa-Real

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Stirrings of the Heart – Olivia Villa-Real at the Piano

Stirrings of the Heart is the first track on my latest classical CD. It is one of my original piano compositions and it bears the same title as the CD. As you listen to it, I would like for you to feel how the heart echoes from its innermost recesses the varied emotions that flow through it. Experience its restlessness and its powerful zest for life depicted in the turbulent sounds that seem to emanate from the depths of the ocean floor. Savor and enjoy, as well, the peace and tranquility that flow through its melodic lines. Stirrings of the Heart is here to touch your hearts, and invite you to become aware of your own heart’s hopes, dreams and passions, as well as its tranquil moments in its solitude.

On this blog, I’d like to give you a sneak peak at this classical album by playing for you its first track on the video below. I pray you enjoy it!

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