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Here I am in this little corner of my room, searching my mind as to what I will be writing about on this blog. I have been uneasy, seemingly troubled during these past few days. And I looked into my heart to understand what I’ve been going through.


As it is only through honesty that I can teach or deliver a life message, I felt it best to be transparent to friends, loved ones and people I come in contact with. So here is the scoop on the root cause of my unhappiness.


For the past months, I have been feverishly pursuing Internet Marketing. Lured by the zeal and unwavering desire to help the masses, manifested by the leaders of Empower Network David Wood and David Sharp—I decided to join the organization. Their selfless motivation to empower people, evident in their speech and actions, resonated with my altruistic goals. However, I am by nature a creative person whose natural inclinations gravitate towards music and writing. Marketing is not one of my strong suits. Being one whose head is oftentimes in the clouds, I have a hard time keeping myself grounded to reality so as to be money-driven. Therefore, though my genuine motivation has always been to lead or help others better their financial stability for their families, when asked to write about cotton-dry marketing topics, I don’t feel any fire burning beneath the paper I’m writing on. So whatever I end up writing, while to others might seem good, to me sounds stale, and I feel down. So, honesty dictates that I be true to myself, and write only about things that will reflect who I really am from within.


Therefore, the message that I would like to convey in this blog is that, first and foremost, you have to know and understand yourself. Sometimes, it takes some deep introspection to be able to discern your true self. Sometimes this attempt can be colored, if not dissuaded, by others who might be well-meaning, in telling you what they think about you, even if it is contrary to how you feel about yourself. This is when you truly have to carefully assess or thresh your feelings and thoughts. Then, after gaining a better understanding of yourself, discover your natural inclinations and aptitude. Don’t force yourself even for practical reasons to go into something that doesn’t spark your interest. Once you have discovered your natural inclination, season it with love, discipline and practice. It may be difficult at the beginning, but in the end, it is where you will flourish and truly come alive!


From my heart to yours, I’d like to serenade you with a song on my latest CD release, Stirrings of the Heart. I hope you enjoy it!

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