“There Is God!”

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I’d like to share with you a poem that I have written entitled “There Is God!”. It is one of the poems in my collection of poetry, Murm’rings of the Heart, which is scheduled for publication in November of this year. I have also printed this poem on one of the pages of my CD, Stirrings of the Heart. I hope you like it!

©2013 Olivia Villa-Real

There is God!

When winter drapes the earth with snow
There’s music
When rain refreshes the sun-baked desert
There’s music
When the breeze sings through your hair
There’s music
Music is in every heart that loves
And love is in every heart that sees God!

When I place a tender kiss upon your forehead
There’s music
When I sing a hurting child to sleep
There’s music
When I cheer a lonely man to life
There’s music
Where there is music, there is love
And where there is love, there is God!

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