Holy Saturday

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One Touch of Kindness

Let’s give one touch of kindness to the people around us, a smile of friendship to those we meet, a helping hand to the burdened and a word of comfort to the weary. Whatever we do might just be the one thing a despairing heart needs to give him hope. We should all be instruments of love and vessels of hope in this chaotic world we live in. This is the key to a happy and peaceful heart.

In honor of this Holy Saturday, allow me to bring you comfort and peace by sharing with you my gift of music. May it inspire you and soothe your spirit throughout the day!

One Touch of Kindness
Words & Music by Olivia Villa-Real

O give me one touch of kindness
To brighten my life today,
One smile will heal every sadness
And drive all my fears away

For You’re my Creator, my Savior,
The One my heart’s yearning for,
Whenever I falter, please come to me
That all my errors I’d see

O Jesus, I love You dearly,
With You, I’ll forever be!
My Jesus,/ should sorrow befall me
And darkness loom over me

I’d lay my heart in Your mercy
And there I’ll forever, be
My Jesus, I love you truly,
Away from You, I’ll never be.


O Jesus, I love you dearly,
Away from You, I’ll never be.

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