Make Me a Channel of Your Peace

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Make Me a Channel of Your Peace

I went to church a few days ago to attend a Sunday service. During the moments of quiet reflection, the organ started the introduction of a song and the congregation started to sing “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace.” I’ve been used to singing these same words; but this time, hearing them spoken or sang by someone else made each word resonate in the chambers of my heart, burrowing deep into the root of my soul. Tears started welling from my eyes. There has been so much of me wanting to be a channel of God’s peace, to bring hope where there’s despair; light, where there is darkness; and joy, where there is sadness. But how much of the eagerness that overflows from a human heart would be enough to heal the sadness, despair and darkness that plague our society today? I became helplessly aware of my littleness against the magnitude of darkness, discontent and strife that rule the current world we live in. But, if each one of us would make an effort to be a channel of peace, the streams of peace that trickle down from the multitude of channels we create will flow to form an ocean of peace, joy and love that would drown out all our fears, our discontent and even our darkest moments of despair.


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