Giving of Ourselves a Moment at a Time

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We all have our own eccentricities. These are things that we do which are unique to us. And, one of my eccentricities is that, every time I take a shower, I tend to sing—which, I gather some of you can relate to—or be in deep thought.


This morning, I’m in one of those moods to do a lot of reflection. I began to ask myself, “Am I a positive influence to people I get in contact with?” Do I bring out the best in someone I touch, or talk to?” These questions take me to a long journey of introspection. And I have decided that to make my life most meaningful is to have the capacity to respond to the needs of others—even just by being there for the destitute soul needing someone to talk to. Aware of the enormity of the tasks that I have and the scarcity of time within which to accomplish them, I know that this endeavor is not a trivial matter. However, it is in sacrificing the self—my needs, my dreams and fondest aspirations—that my meaningful existence rests.


Why does my meaningful existence rest here? This question can only be answered by a spirit that is alive—throbbing at the very core of my being. This spirit is what creates one’s core values that drive his or her life. If one’s actions are in sync with the dictates of his or her spirit, there is peace, serenity and contentment, and thereby, one finds meaning to his or her existence.


Each of us is a work in progress, and I am very aware that I am, just by partaking in the sheer nature of humanity with all its frailties and limitations. But, if each of us would find a moment or two to be there for someone in need—just a moment’s pause in our busy day to lend a hand to someone in need, or lend an ear to someone who feels troubled—then each day that we drop an ounce of caring upon our earthly soil, parched and barren by war and hate, we are working towards the creation of a new world of hope, love and faith.


I am sure that each one of you, in your own special way, already shows love and affection to those people you care about. Because it is already within you to show affection, it wouldn’t be that difficult for you to just extend that a little farther to reach someone else who is not that close to you. And I am positive that whoever that person is would appreciate your efforts a thousand-fold, and your loving gesture of reaching out might just give luster to an otherwise broken world.


Let’s all join together in this effort. I’ve heard a question asked, “How do you eat an elephant?” And the answer given was, “ A bite at a time!” This is a symbolic way of saying that, no matter how enormous a task might be, it can be done a chunk at a time. Applying this to our task at hand, which we may perceive as taller and bigger than the tallest and largest mountain to climb or embrace, we can conquer it with each of us giving an ounce of caring, incessantly dripping a moment at a time.

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