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January 25, 2021 6:59 am | Published by | Leave your thoughts

by Olivia Villa-Real

These unprecedented times have created a perfect storm where the eye of the storm embodies a socio-economic, political and spiritual nucleus that threatens to engulf each and every one of us into itself. How do we protect ourselves from this insidious threat which, if not recognized and challenged, can ruin our lives, the lives of our families and loved ones and of society as a whole? I believe it takes the collaborative efforts from our entire society, but it all starts from our individual efforts.

The deterioration of our society’s moral values has been starkly reflected in the latest attack and desecration of the United States Capitol, so revered by every self-respecting American citizen. This demoralizing event happened in the midst of our collapsing healthcare system which, exacerbated beyond its dedicated capabilities, painfully witnesses the seemingly endless flow of dead bodies funneled  unceremoniously into refrigerated trucks headed for the morgue, before the eyes of loved ones and onlookers who are numbed by pain and a helpless acceptance of reality.

But, where do we go from here? How do we survive this dilemma we find ourselves in? How do we gather the last remaining strands of hope available to us? People are social creatures. To be fully human, it is natural for us to feel our oneness with our fellow human beings. We have to reach out to our neighbor and share in the gift of life through love and service. But these natural tendencies are challenged by quarantine requirements to preserve our lives. Because these demands, though sensible and logical, are against our natural inclinations, we are emotionally and psychologically affected. Children, young adults and the older generation are all affected, and each one manifests the negative effects in a variety of ways. So, what do we do to survive and make the most of these challenging times? It’s time for us to challenge ourselves and reflect by looking deep within ourselves.

In times like this, you begin to realize that life is truly a gift. In the ultimate analysis of life, it is a gift that you don’t really have a control over as it can be taken away from you without you even knowing it. Death can come in the middle of the night like a thief and snatch your life away from you. What makes life worthwhile then? What makes it precious? It makes it precious through your existence in the lives of the people you leave behind. It is your legacy that counts. And, as far as you are concerned personally, life feels worthwhile when the wonders of your life are in sync with your inner spirit. What satisfies the hungry heart and spirit is not anything material because material things are fleeting. However, if you show love, there is an inner joy that you feel way deep inside you because your act of love in in sync with your inner consciousness, which is God since God is Love. To be happy in this life, you have to be fully human. To have a meaningful existence, you have to strive to be fully human. And to be fully human, you have to live in accordance with your inner consciousness, your conscience, which is God. God does not create junk. He loved us so much that He created us in His image and likeness. God is the divine consciousness of which humanity is part of. Our goal is to be in that eternal journey of humankind to perfect ourselves and be united with the divine consciousness which is God and of which humanity is part. Love can take the form of kindness, compassion, sharing, justice or anything that is good. And, to quote Martin Luther King, Jr. “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” The journey might be long, but humanity will in the end unite itself with and come home to the Source of all that is good, which is God!

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