Love Calls in The Moonlight

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Moonlight by My Window
This is a view of the moon by my window. Nights like this, when the moon sheds its radiance upon the quiet surroundings, inspire me to compose music or poetry. And I try my best to create something truly beautiful to match, in my own imperfect way, the unparalleled splendor of God’s creation! It is my way of glorifying Him and thanking Him for blessings like this that we all enjoy, and yet, seem to take for granted. To share the feelings that come in quiet whispers from my heart to yours, I would like to sing for you a song I composed entitled Love Calls in the Moonlight. It is one of the songs on my latest album, Stirrings of the Heart.

Here is the song I sing to you with all my heart…

The CD, “Stirrings of the Heart,” is available on my website

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