The Power of Music

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It seems like music has always been an integral part of my life. And I am speaking not from the standpoint of a musician, but as an ordinary person. From the time we were born, and in whatever culture we were raised, music has been part of our lives in one form or another.

In the more primitive cultures, music throbs in the lives of people in the form of rhythm provided by even the most primitive percussive instruments that people strike or hit against each other to give them some sense of the beat or the pulse. They use their voices by shouting, weeping or wailing to express their varied emotions.

In the more cultured societies, music has evolved as a creative art that develops well-integrated individuals. It demands the collaboration of the body, the mind and the emotion bringing about the ultimate synthesis of one’s physical, psychological and spiritual functions. The practice of Music demands the coordination of the body parts in order to acquire the technical abilities necessary for freedom of expression.

Music appeals to the intelligence. It exerts its dominion over the psyche as it echoes its powerful refrains throughout the innermost recesses of the mind, making the individual more perceptive to the abstract realities that, otherwise, cannot be comprehended.

Music is as gentle as an angel’s touch. It lends warm solace to the languid spirit, providing a perfect refuge of infinite serenity. However, music can also stir the most powerful emotion. It can bring nations to war or peace. It is the language of love as well as a vehicle to express all the varied passions of humankind.

Can you ever imagine how our world would be like without music? How do you think would your world change if music were taken away from you? I know my world would feel barren and lifeless! How about yours? Would you feel the same zest for life without music? How do you think would people relate to one another after five years of living life without music? Please share your feelings below as I care to know.

Do not underestimate the power of music. It is up to us to use it in the best possible way to make this world a Haven of Love and Harmony!
Thank you!

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