Holy Thursday

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This week is a quiet and reflective week for me and I would like to invite you to dedicate a quiet moment of reflection on the many blessings that you have in your lives. For the problems that we all have, big and small, adopt a positive attitude that whatever cloud looms over our minds now will soon dissipate, and a bright smile will come through to color our faces once again. Trust and have faith in the love and wisdom of the One whom we, and all our blessings, come from. In commemoration of this Sacred Week that culminates on Easter Sunday, I would love to fill you with peace through my gift of music. So here is a song I composed and offer from my heart to yours!

The Countenance of Jesus

Verse 1:
In the darkest hour I see His face
Light my path, so I’d see through the haze,
And I kneel, so humbled by His presence,
In my weakest moments, hope He lends.

Verse 2:
And at night, the countenance of Jesus
Fills my dreams and drives away my fears!
Quiet tears that flow for love of Jesus—
He touched my soul
To wipe away my tears!
(Repeat 2nd Verse)

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