Good Friday: The Ultimate Expression of Love

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On this Good Friday, let us pause even just for a moment and reflect on the depth and enormity of Jesus Christ’s love for us and for all mankind for Him to have willingly gone through excruciating pain and death on the Holy Cross for our salvation. This is love in its absolute perfection—a sacrifice that can never be equaled by anyone.

This willingness to sacrifice is borne out of love and He has planted this love in each of us.  In our finite existence and imperfect ways, we know how to love and we will sacrifice if we need to for the sake of love because this seed was planted in the very depths of our being. That is why we feel good and happy when we show love in one form or another to people who mean a lot to us and to others in general. The peace and joy that we feel emanate from instinctively knowing that our external actions are in harmony with our internal values. However, many times, the temporal demands of living take over and engulf us.  We become too busy with our responsibilities, ambitions and challenges for survival that our time is consumed, leaving no room to show even a tinge of love and kindness, much less sacrifice to those who are really dear to us and to all others around us. Life becomes a grind, relationships are broken, and the glow of love and joy within us starts to dwindle until it dies.

Let’s not allow this to happen. Love is at the core of our being. Let’s all show it in more ways than we already have. And if, for some reason we have been remiss or have totally failed in showing it to our loved ones or to others whom we may not even know, especially the needy and destitute, it’s not too late to start. Let us make an effort to let that spark of love within us shine forth to the outside world until all of existence sparkle with love, peace and joy!

In closing, allow me to accompany myself at the piano as I sing to you my composition, The Countenance of Jesus, to commemorate this very special occasion.

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